Our invitation to you ...

If you meet our membership eligibility criteria and you're interested in "sampling" our activities, you're welcome to join us at your choice of any three social events that are open to potential new members.

Before you join, we encourage you to take up this invitation - so that you can meet members and chat with us about the range of social and other events that Solo Graduates offer.

The activities listed below have been chosen because they are regular monthly events that will allow you to meet a wide cross-section of our members.

  • First Sunday Brunch. These alternate between Carlton and Camberwell and the details are published in each month's newsletter.

  • Third Friday Drinks. This event is held at a popular Richmond hotel each month from 6:00 pm onwards, and some people go on to dine at one of many restaurants nearby from about 7:50 pm.

  • Fourth Friday Dinner. We gather for dinner each month in a suburban restaurant (or up-market pub dining room) usually commencing at about 7:30 pm. As the dinner venue changes monthly, the details are published in each month's newsletter.

In addition to these three regular activities, you're also welcome to attend other ad-hoc events highlighted in our newsletter as being open to potential new members.

To find out more about Solo Graduates, please contact us. To book for one of the events, please see the booking details for each activity in our current newsletter.