About Solo Graduates Inc.

Solo Graduates Inc. is a social group run by member volunteers. It is based in Melbourne, Australia, but its activities are not limited to the metropolitan area.

  • Brief history. Solo Graduates Inc. - which was formed in 1991 by graduates of the University of Melbourne - became an incorporated association in 2005 and is now open to single people who are degree graduates of any university or other tertiary institution. (You may wish to read our eligibility criteria.)

  • Our focus. Solo Graduates Inc. aims to provide opportunities for its members to meet and enjoy friendship in a variety of social settings. You may wish to read our formal Statement of Purpose. Most of our members are aged 50+.

  • Our activities.. Solo Graduates Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, and all Solo Graduates activities are organised and hosted by member volunteers. (You can see the range and nature of our current activities in this month's newsletter.)

  • Our invitation to you.. We encourage you to attend some of our social activities so that you can meet members and chat with us about the range of social and other events that Solo Graduates offer. (Please see our Invitation page.)

  • Membership. For information about how to join Solo Graduates, please see our How to join us page.